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Khary Payton Bio: Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts


Khary Payton is a multi-talented American actor and voice artist who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Born on May 16, 1972, in Augusta, Georgia, he possesses a charismatic presence and remarkable versatility that have allowed him to excel in various mediums of acting. From television to voice acting in animation, Khary Payton has become a recognizable and beloved figure in the entertainment world.


As of now, Khary Payton is 51 years old. His enduring passion for acting and his ability to connect with audiences across generations showcase his timeless appeal.

Net Worth

Khary Payton’s net-worth has not been disclosed yet. With a successful career spanning decades, Khary Payton has accumulated a commendable net worth. His versatile roles in television, film, and voice acting have contributed significantly to his financial success.


Khary Payton honed his acting abilities through formal education and training. Details about his educational background are not widely available, but his performances reflect a depth of understanding and a commitment to his craft that suggests a solid foundation in acting education.


Khary Payton’s personal life has garnered attention, especially his romantic relationship. He has been in a long-term and loving relationship with fellow actress Stacy Reed Payton. The couple’s enduring partnership serves as a source of inspiration in an industry where relationships can be challenging to maintain.


  1. Voice Acting Prowess: One of Khary Payton’s most prominent achievements is his prolific career in voice acting. He is known for his portrayal of iconic characters such as Cyborg in “Teen Titans” and “Teen Titans Go!” and Ezekiel in “The Walking Dead” video game series.
  2. Diverse Acting Portfolio: Payton’s acting range extends beyond voice acting. He has made appearances in popular TV shows like “The Shield,” “General Hospital,” and “CSI: Miami.” This versatility showcases his ability to tackle a wide variety of roles.
  3. Passion for Comic Books: Khary Payton’s work has often brought him closer to the world of comic books and superheroes. His roles in the “Teen Titans” series and “The Walking Dead” are testaments to his love for projects that resonate with comic book enthusiasts.

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