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KNUST resit fee per paper changed to GH¢50 x No. of credit hours


Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) shifts to introduced a revised fee structure for supplementary examinations, eliminating the traditional practice of charging per paper.

Under the newly enacted rules, the fee for supplementary examinations is no longer calculated on a per-paper basis. Instead, the fee is now determined by the number of credit hours associated with each paper. This means that students facing the prospect of retaking an examination will pay GH¢50 multiplied by the total number of credit hours attached to the specific paper.

What does this mean?

To illustrate this system, consider the example of a student retaking a four-credit hour paper. Under the previous per-paper fee system, the cost might have been GH¢50 per paper. However, with the new structure, the fee for the same four-credit hour paper is GH¢200, obtained by multiplying GH¢50 by the four credit hours associated with the paper.

Moreover, the fee for resit papers follows a similar pattern. If a student needs to retake a course paper with, for instance, four credit hours, the fee for the resit paper would be calculated as 50 cedis multiplied by the total number of credit hours (4), resulting in a fee of GH¢200.

KNUST revised resit fee per paper

This revised fee structure has been introduced with the aim of creating a more equitable and transparent system for students. It ensures that fees are directly linked to the credit hours associated with the paper, eliminating discrepancies that may have arisen under the old per-paper pricing system.

Students, as well as academic institutions, are expected to benefit from the clarity and fairness offered by this new fee structure. It simplifies the cost calculation process and ensures that students are charged in a manner that accurately reflects the academic work they need to address.

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