Home News Conti and Katanga clash at KNUST Great Hall

Conti and Katanga clash at KNUST Great Hall


At KNUST Great Hall, Conti and Katanga clash at KNUST at SRC vetting.

The fights broke out following misconception among Conti and Katanga (Unity Hall and University Hall) early today.

It began because of conflict once again confirming of understudy delegates Council applicants.

The ‘Katangees’ showed up, there was a type of disarray among them and the Continentals.

According to Yebekagh.com sources, one student from the management team of an applicant for the supervisory crew of an applicant from Conti was keeping the ‘Katangees’ from entering the Hall.

This caused the principal disorder between the different sides.

Watch the video below.

VIDEO: Conti and Katanga clash at KNUST Great Hall.

In the interim the issue has been settled, however, the happenings have exposed a long term grudge between the two halls.

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