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Kunkra: All you need to know

Kunkra meaning

Kunkra is a new trend emanating from Ghana. So about Kunkra meaning.

Influencers use a tune originally from a viral video by Oskido’s Candy “Tsa Mandebele kids” released on May 2, 2013.

In the trending Kunkra challenge. Netizens are seen flaunting Codeine while dancing to the tune which has been renamed as Kunkra.

Apparently, it is more of a trend. Just like the popular phrase “Kasa Ye Nframa” this Kunkra is also for exuberant flex.

This is the true meaning of the term. Kap Khun krap/ka


It’s trending because a guy tried to perform a song using this term in a viral video.

Some reports gathered by Yebekagh.com show that some people mix Codeine with strong alcohol as one way to boost physical activity.

Osikido the real man behind the song has visited Ghana to meet up with King Varo, guy in the viral video.

Watch the video “Say Kunkra hitmaker King Varo meets real Osikido

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Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Say Kunkra.

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