LG to launch StanbyME Go in North America, Europe

LG to launch StanbyME Go in North America, Europe

LG to launch StanbyME Go in North America, Europe

LG Electronics Inc. is set to introduce its groundbreaking portable screen, StanbyME Go, to the North American and European markets. Having initially made waves in the domestic TV market, the versatile StanbyME Go will make its North American debut this month and expand to key European countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, next month.

StanbyME Go is designed as a portable and flexible TV system, equipped with a 27-inch screen, a built-in stand, speakers, and a battery. Its innovative design allows the screen to be rotated both horizontally and vertically, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings.

The timing of this launch aligns with the surge in demand for travel and outdoor activities as the world transitions into the endemic phase. StanbyME Go is poised to meet the evolving needs of consumers seeking entertainment on the go.

Overseas IT media outlets have also expressed keen anticipation for the unique features of LG’s StanbyME Go. Digital Trends remarked, “I haven’t seen a TV that you can carry around in its own suitcase,” while The Verge stated, “This is one of those products that I truly cannot wait to experience and review firsthand.”

To provide consumers with an up-close look at StanbyME Go, LG Electronics will showcase the product at IFA 2023, Europe’s largest trade show for home appliances, set to commence on September 1 in Berlin, Germany. This event offers an ideal platform for consumers to explore and experience the innovation that StanbyME Go brings to the portable entertainment market.

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