List of Internet Service Providers in Ghana

List of Internet Service Providers in Ghana

List of Internet Service Providers in Ghana

There are various internet service providers in Ghana to select from, with the internet being one of the most important fuels for corporate activities in the digital age.

We’ll take a look at the top eight internet service providers in Ghana in this post.

MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana offers their valued subscribers a range of exciting products and services under Postpaid and Prepaid subscriptions and is considered the best network in Ghana.

Mobile Telecommunications Network – MTN has the largest number of internet customers in Ghana, as well as the country’s best 4G and 5G coverage. MTN internet service providers were the first to have initiated 5G in Ghana.

Individuals, as well as business owners, may also choose from a variety of Mifi’s, modems, and routers to improve the stability and speed of their connection. The MTN TurboNet gadget is the most popular of these devices, according to MTN, because it offers 4G and 5G speeds.


Discover Ghana’s most advanced network. From our diverse choice of goods, technology, and services, you may get great deals and exclusive offers. The Red brand network provider also provides businesses with wide fiber connections, even in rural locations.

Ghana’s national telecommunications firm, Vodafone Ghana, was originally known as Ghana Telecom. The Ghanaian firm is part of the Vodacom Group, Africa’s largest mobile telecommunications provider. Vodafone Ghana is a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc, which entered the country after purchasing the national telecommunications network, Ghana Telecom.

Vodafone was a little behind the best network in Ghana, MTN in implementing 4G connection support and is yet to provide 5G internet connectivity. However, for many Ghanaians, Vodafone is a more affordable option than MTN when it comes to internet access.

Vodafone provides cheaper internet bundles, especially for mobile users, which is a great selling point in an emerging market.


Surfline is Ghana’s first 4G LTE service provider: Because it was the first internet service provider to receive 4G accreditation, it had a competitive edge at a time when many customers desired better connection speeds.

Surfline is a fast and dependable internet service provider with the greatest data plans and devices for all your surfing requirements. Surfline provides the ability to pay for your monthly bundle in weekly installments, regardless of your data bundle demands or budget.

Instead of offering access to portable devices via SIM cards, Surfline concentrates on supplying internet gear such as modems, Mifi’s, and routers.

The disadvantages of Surfline include the high cost of internet bundles and the network’s lack of availability in some areas.

Busy 4G

In Ghana, Busy is one of the most popular suppliers of LTE mobile data services. Busy provides a variety of 4G data plans to meet your needs. Busy Internet Packages is one of Ghana’s three 4G LTE stationed networks. Surfline Communications and Blu Telecoms are the other two.

The busy Internet has existed for far longer than most people believe. This is due to the fact that the company gained notoriety after obtaining a license to provide a 4G connection.

Busy 4G, like Surfline, concentrates on offering services through internet-specific devices rather than through mobile SIM cards.

Glo Ghana

Glo Ghana is a mobile network operator and telecommunications provider servicing Ghana.

GLO provides a High-Speed 4G Mobile Internet RSS feed. Globacom Limited, or Glo, is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications firm created by Mike Adenuga on August 29, 2003.

Glo Mobile, a Nigerian-owned telecommunications company, began operations in Ghana on April 29, 2012 becoming the country’s sixth mobile operator after MTN, Vodafone, Tigo, Airtel, and Expresso.

GLO does not immediately come into mind when you think of the best network in Ghana. Well, most of its operations are based in Nigeria.


AirtelTigo is the result of the merger of two brands: Airtel and Tigo. Both companies have been struggling to stay up with the massive expansion of rival networks, which led to a 2019 merger.

AirtelTigo is a stable, vibrant, and innovative brand that provides a wide variety of telecommunications services, with a customer base of 10 million. AirtelTigo currently has a significant market share, mostly providing internet services to mobile phones. They do, however, provide broadband services, although they are not as well-known as Surfline, MTN Ghana, or Vodafone.

The network’s internet bundles are likewise reasonably priced and include several benefits.


iBurst Africa provides mobile broadband internet services using international technology. As your dedicated ISP in Africa, iBurst Africa provides high-speed wireless broadband internet access services. iBurst focuses on a unique niche in Ghana. It mostly serves Accra and Tema-based enterprises (Greater Accra Region).

The ISP began operations in April 2008, using ArrayComm’s wireless broadband technology to provide services.

One noteworthy aspect about iBurst is that the company employs a “smart” antenna array to improve radio frequency (RF) coverage and hence increase network speeds and capacity.

Teledata ICT

Teledata ICT offers high-speed, unrestricted broadband internet services for your home and company. After coming live in 2004, the ISP has been in operation for almost eighteen years.

Teledata ICT provides wide fiber connectivity, Unlimited Internet, Managed WiFi, Voice over IP, Video Streaming, and Cloud services for businesses and residences in key cities including as Tema, Accra, Kumasi, and more to over 45,000 customers and 5000 businesses. In addition, Teledata ICT offers a 3.5 GHz network in the majority of Ghana’s regions.

Other ISPs and Telecommunication services to check out


vTechnology Ghana

The Cloud Network Ltd


Coli Link Ghana Limited



Ozone Broadband

Ecoband Networks

Ghana Internet Exchange – GIX


zipnet Ghana

Tizeti GhanaWifi

Telesol Ghana Limited

Blue Cloud Networks Limited

InternetGhana Company Limited

Internet Society Ghana Chapter

Bluetown Ghana



INET Communications Limited

Data Centre Ltd.



Nframa Internet Service

Amenfis Communications Limited


3D wireless Plus

W3 Multimedia Ghana Limited

Clickers Wireless Network

Alpha Legacy Internet



Digital Arena


Spreadnet Gh. Ltd

RICO Solutions Ltd.

Community Technology Network (Ctnet)

WiTech Networks

Cricket Telecommunication Services

Certified Technology Services Ltd. (CTSL)

Maxinet Broadband

SkyCloud Internet

ComSys Ghana Limited



Web Market Africa

BusinessGhana Internet Service Ltd

Digitalskys Ltd


Datacom Telecommunications Limited (Gh)

DiscoveryTel Ghana

PAIX Ghana (RackAfrica)

Vicamp Creations, Cafe & Business Services

Afriwave Telecom

Finitext Bulk SMS Service

3D Wireless Plus


Cynex IT Solutions Ghana Limited

ATC Ghana


There are several internet service providers in Ghana from which to choose. Consider both the cost and the internet speed in your area before making your selection.

If you are in Ghana and you looking to select one of these internet service providers, it is recommended that you check your location and compare the most effective internet service provider.

We will soon compile a list of locations and the most effective internet service providers.

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