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LIVE: State of CANaRSA Address KNUST 2021


The State of CANaRSA Address KNUST 2021 started late due to some technical difficulties.

The venue was the Natural Resources Management Lecture Theatre. The event kickstarted with briefings from the AROCHA committee on the importance of Natural Resources and Natural Resource Conservation.

The speaker gave opening remarks and acknowledged the presence of committee members and senate members and guests present at State of CANaRSA Address KNUST.

Ms Patricia Quayson shared the the previous minutes with the house on the command of the speaker.

Speaker and Marshall of the 12th SRC Hon Emmanuel and Akosah together with other dignitaries were spotted during the event.

Other class reps presented reports to the house on the issues and consents of the students noted by the senate members.

Briefings on Issues Students Face on KNUST Campus and in Colleges at State of CANaRSA Address 2021

A few points have been noted according to reports by class reps during the event.

1. Assessing online resources.

2. Too many assignments.

3. Stressful curriculum among others. 

Speaker of the 12th SRC parliament gave an address to the house. 

“I call on all student leaders to uphold democracy to enable swift leadership that we all hope for.” Hon Christian Anderson.

The budget finance committee head, Calvin Ofori Adjei proceeded with the finance report. “76,580.50 is the total budget spent” He concluded.

The former speaker, Hunvilla of the 2021 SRC parliament gave an outstanding speech.

A few other remarks were presented by various committee heads. Mostly on students advocacy.

A few moments after a virtual delivery on the Livelihood Assistance Programme (LAP) by Amo Agyei Gideon, the speaker of the senate council gave room for senate remarks from the members.

Sarfo, the speaker shared appreciation remarks to all dignitaries and invited guest presents and asked for an adjournment of the State of CANaRSA Address KNUST 2021 to the next sitting.

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