Home News Maa Abena, the young girl who sleeps at Cemetry for love

Maa Abena, the young girl who sleeps at Cemetry for love

Young Girl who sleeps at cemetry

Trending on social media is a girl identified as Maa Abena who sleeps at the Cemetry for love.

According to a video ighted by yebekagh.com, Maa Abena is the girl who sleeps at Cemetry for love she has for her boyfriend.

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In an interview with her boyfriend, the guy claims he only sleeps at the cemetry because of financial difficulties.

Maa Abena on the other hand is with because she loves him. She said at first she feared sleeping at the cemetry but after a few days she got used to it.

Abena was convinced by her boyfriend to sleep there saying, “when they are no longer living, that where they will be buried.”

Watch the video below by Ghana TV 1.

Young girl who lives at the cemetry.

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