Marine spirit

Marine Spirit: My girlfriend said to take me to her parents only to arrive at the sea

A young guy explained his agony as his girlfriend took him to the sea and he realized she was a marine spirit.

According to the guy, his girlfriend was extremely beautiful but he was not faced because he also had good looks too.

He said he had planned to marry his girlfriend the “Marine Spirit”. However, in other to do that, he had to meet her family first and declare his intention as well as ask traditionally.

“We really loved each other, and she was always perfect before me.” He said.

“I noticed only one fishy thing about her. I see her somethings standing by my side when I wake up at dawn but then we share a few kisses and then I go back to bed.” He added.

Nothing really scared him about her until she introduced the sea to him as her home. He said he was shocked instantly and yelled! His girlfriend then disappeared that very moment.

The young guy then took to his heels. All contacts to reach his girlfriend has failed.

Precious Eshun
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