Medikal ft Kennedy Agyapong: Medikal changes the face of Ghana rap freestyle

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Ghanaian rapper, Amg Medikal has changed the face of Ghana rap freestyles with a twist in his new song.

In his new song released yesterday, Medikal featured Ghanaian politician Kennedy Agyapong. In the song, Kennedy Agyapong did not sing but a phrase he used during an interview as advice to Medikal and other young artiste and young guys in Ghana was mastered and engineered into the song to produce a create tune.

Kennedy Agyapong and Medikal
Kennedy Agyapong and Medikal

According to Kennedy Agyapong, he only dreams of money when he sleeps.

“Me da aa meso daye Sika ene ntokwa” A statement by Kennedy Agyapong embedded into the song which translates, “when I sleep I only dream of money and a fight”

One thing that is common in the song to most songs by rappers is rappers being boastful of their wealth.

Medikal said in the song that $45k was under his mattress he did not even know untill a maid cleaned his room.

Listen to the song below;

The twist in the regular rap freestyles is that Medikal creatively produced an art not yet delivered by any rapper in Ghana yet. The song which is under 3 mins covers so much that when you listen to it its as though the song was a complete 4 or 5mins song.

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