Missing disabled teen Ruth Peretz found?

Missing disabled teen Ruth Peretz found?

Missing disabled teen Ruth Peretz found?

The story of Ruth Peretz, a 17-year-old disabled teenager who went missing during the Re’im music festival massacre on October 7, gripped the hearts of many.

Ruth’s story became a national concern, and her disappearance raised numerous questions and fears.

In this article, we will explore the latest updates and efforts in the search for missing disabled teen Ruth Peretz.

Wheelchair Found Near Gaza Border

A few days after the Re’im music festival massacre, Ruth’s wheelchair was discovered near the Gaza border. The wheelchair she used for mobility was found near the Gaza border a few days after the massacre, leading to fears she had been kidnapped into Gaza by the Hamas terrorist group.

This discovery raised immediate concerns that she might have been taken against her will into the Gaza Strip. The potential involvement of the Hamas terrorist group added further complexity to the situation.

Israeli forces find body of Ruth Peretz, disabled teen missing since October 7.

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