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Nana Kwame Bediako: Full freedom speech addressing Black Dehumanisation

“I stand here today on behalf of our nation Ghana, on behalf of the race of the world, black people and Africans. It is about time that we stand and speek for our selves.

As a concerned global citizen, I am disturbed by the way black people are being treated in China. Although I am yet to speak the truth, you already know it

COVID 19 simply can not be used as an excuse to dehumanise or deny the civil rights of black people in China or any other nation. This is not the moment for humiliation. certainly not the moment to compare us to animals. What a depiction besides the fact China depends partly on us for their mineral resources, we also contribute immensely to the Chinese economy.

I stand here today as the voice of the people. The freedom movement is urging the Chinese government to formally apologize to the black race globally and Africa as a continent.

And the world must not watch in silence

Source: Yebekagh

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