NBSSI to be enhanced – Mrs. Korsi Yankey-Ayeh

NBSSI to be enhaced Mrs. Korsi Yankey-Ayeh

NBSSI enhancements. Source: Ministry of Information Ghana

Mrs. Korsi Yankey-Ayeh announced yesterday that, there is ongoing enhancements of the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI).
– NBSSI to be enhanced for Ghanaian MSMEs.

Executive Director of NBSSI, Mrs. Korsi Yankey-Ayeh said during Ghana’s education reform agenda update session that NBSSI would launch the Ghana Enterprises Agency.

“The Ghana Enterprises Agency will be launched on Wednesday 9th June, 2021.
This new Agency will be the apex body to promote growth, to promote small and medium enterprises sector.” She said

According to Korsi Yankey-Ayeh the enhancements are part of initiatives that support young Ghanaians.

Korsi Yankey-Ayeh also revealled that a new policy, National MSME policy will be launched together with Ghana Enterprises Agency.

Mrs. Korsi Yankey-Ayeh on NBSSI Enhancements.

The National MSME Policy is the first of its kind to be launched on Micro, medium and small enterprises.

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