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NSS 2023/24: All you need to know about National Service Scheme

NSS 2022

This article fully covers what you need to know about the National Service Scheme 2023/24.

If you are reading this, then you must be preparing for or you have already begun your mandatory National Service for 2023/24.

What is NSS?

NSS is an abbreviation for National Service Scheme.

Ghanaian student graduates from accredited tertiary institutions are required under law to do a one-year national service to the country. Thus NSS is mandatory.

The National Service Secretariat is the Government of Ghana agency mandated to formulate policies and structures for national service. They have done this ever since NSS started.

It offers graduates the chance to enter the labour market through work in either the public or private sectors, pick business ideas, develop early contact with potential employers, reflect on career options, and acquire practical on-the-job training while contributing to socio-economic transformation development at the same time as stated in the NSS FAQ.

How to activate NSS Pincodes and apply for NSS 2023/24

Once you are qualified to do your NSS, you can buy your NSS Pincode using Mobile Money and apply online.

How to activate NSS pincodes using Mobile Money

Before you begin this process, make sure you have a sum of GH₵41.00 or more in your mobile wallet.

Step 1. Dial *170#

Step 2. Choose option 2 “MoMoPay and Pay Bill

Step 3. Choose option 2 “Pay Bill“.

Step 4. Choose option 5 “General Payment“.

Step 5. Enter payment code as NSS XXXXXX (NSSXXXXXX should be your Pincode) A menu will appear with your name for confirmation.

Step 6. Enter the amount to deposit (GH₵41.00).

Step 7. Enter the NSS reference.

Step 8. Enter your wallet pin to confirm the payment. A message will be sent to confirm your Pincode activation/registration.

Alternatively, you can pay GH₵40.00 at ADB.

NB: You can apply for a PIN code or re-activate your old PIN code if you couldn’t undertake your national service at an earlier point in time but were issued with a PIN code for registration by then.

Partaking in NSS

There a number of steps you must take to partake in NSS. Before you can partake in NSS you need to make sure you qualify and are eligible to partake in the National Service Scheme (refer to the NSS FAQ link above).

Once you are eligible, all you have to do is activate your Pincode and register for NSS.

Can I register for NSS twice?

A number of people have reported to Yebekagh Education desk that they have partaken in National Service Scheme twice. So, Yes! You can register for NSS twice, however, you are not mandated to serve for more than one year.

Problems with NSS

Some applicants may experience problems with NSS Pincodes. Others may have trouble accessing the registration page and many more. Feel free to comment your issues below this article and they will be addressed in no time.

For issues related to NSS registration, reposting and “applications on hold” you can visit the National Service Secretariat located at Airport. NSS persons can go there for reposting and make payment for their administrative cost.

However, if traveling all the way to the NSS Secretariat office seems inconvenient for you, you may have to visit the nearest National Service office in your region.

How to register NSS 2023/24

Requirements for NSS Online Registration 2023/24

  • National Identification (Voter’s ID, SSNIT Card, Drivers Licence or Passport)
  • Passport picture (150*

Steps to register for NSS 2023/24

Below are the steps to register for NSS 2023/24. If you are having difficulty understanding the text, you can watch the tutorial video below by How To Ghana.


1. Go to registration log in page https://portal.nss.gov.gh/registration-signin.

NSS login page
Image of NSS login page

2. Enter initials to log in (Index number, pincode and date of birth)

3. Click on “Access Registration Form” button.

4. Fill all details on Applicant Info, Service Info and Preference.

5. Review information provided and click on Finish

NB: The reader bar runs through stages: Applicant Info – Service Info – Preference – Preview – Finish
You will be required to provide the best means for your Identification, make sure your ID and ID number is ready (Passport, Old Voters ID or Drivers License)

When does NSS 2023/24 begin: Check “NSS Postings for 2021/2022 released.


  1. I did my national service on 2018.
    I served for nine months due to some illness so I couldn’t complete the one year service.
    Please can I register for another one year service or what is the way forward?


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