Pastor Elvis Agyemang Bio: Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts

Pastor Elvis Agyemang

Pastor Elvis Agyemang Bio: Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts

Pastor Agyemang Elvis is the founder and lead pastor of Grace Mountain Ministry based in Accra, Ghana. He is  the Covener of the prayer revival movement, Alpha Hour.  Alpha Hour broadcasts live every weekday on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Zoom & TikTok. 

His  ministry marked with accompanying signs, wonders and testimonies of God’s goodness.  He also known for his teachings on marriage and relationships under the Love Clinic ministry. 


Pastor Elvis Agyemang was born on February 22, 1984, in Kumasi, Ghana. As of 2023, he is 39 years old.

Net Worth

While specific financial details about Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, it is important to note that his wealth is not primarily measured in monetary terms. His work as a pastor, author, and motivational speaker is dedicated to enriching the lives of others through faith, inspiration, and purposeful living.


Pastor Elvis Agyemang pursued higher education at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering. His educational background provided him with a solid foundation that has influenced his approach to ministry and teaching.


Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s personal relationships, particularly Elvis is married to Mercy Agyemang and they both live in Accra with their two children. It is evident that he was inspired by his parents’ commitment to serving others, which played a significant role in shaping his path towards ministry.


  • Call to Ministry: Pastor Elvis Agyemang felt a strong calling to ministry after completing his studies in Chemical Engineering. This divine calling led him to dedicate his life to sharing the message of God’s love and inspiring others to live with purpose.
  • Dynamic Preaching Style: Known for his dynamic preaching style and the ability to connect with audiences of all ages, Pastor Elvis quickly gained recognition in his local church and started spreading hope and inspiration throughout Ghana and beyond.
  • Authorship: Apart from his pastoral duties, Pastor Elvis Agyemang is a prolific author. He has penned several books on faith, personal development, and leadership, with titles like “The Power of Focus,” “The Power of Prayer,” and “The Power of Purpose.”
  • The Power of Purpose: One of his most renowned works is “The Power of Purpose,” a book that delves into the significance of discovering and living out one’s unique purpose. Through his personal journey and practical guidance, he emphasizes the life-changing potential of living with purpose.
  • Message of Faith: Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s teachings are firmly rooted in the principles of faith and the transformative power of God’s love. He firmly believes that faith is the key to unlocking one’s full potential and achieving personal goals. Through his sermons, books, and motivational talks, he inspires individuals to deepen their faith and place trust in God’s divine plan for their lives.

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