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[Photo] Childhood Daniel Williams and his brother Rev Joel Duncan-Williams

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An old photo for the Daniel Williams surfaces online.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has, in recent times, been in the spotlight on social media for all the wrong reasons due to his son’s recent actions.

As earlier reported, he released unexpected videos of himself and other secret information about his father believed to be troubling him for years.

Following the outburst, many netizens have criticised him for trying to bring his father’s revered name into disrepute.

Amid the trend, a photo of young Duncan-Williams has turned up on social media.

Daniel Williams Duncan's son
Old pic of Daniel Williams Duncan’s son

The photo shows how sweet and innocent little boy he was.

He is seen with his elder brother, Joel, who is the third child of Duncan-Williams and a pastor in his church.

In the photo, young Duncan-Williams could be seen wearing a red top over white trousers seated by the side of Joel who stood in his white shirt and black trousers with a black jacket.

From the photo, it looked like he was just about three years old.

Source: Hypercitigh.com

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