Politics is a real mess and has been left uncleaned for decades

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Politics is the activity of negotiating with other people over finite resources and finite opportunities so that everyone involved can get as much benefit out of a situation with as little burden to everyone involved as possible.

Ideally speaking, of course. It’s simply working out life’s challenges with your neighbor and when your neighborhood is 300 million people, that’s no small thing. I think religion is a personal matter only and can’t be allowed to intermingle with public education or public policy (government) whatsoever. That is taught in the home and at your version of the church and stays there.

Again, a somewhat contradictory issue because on the one hand it liberally allows people to keep their own religion, but hampers their ability to influence governments to push away alternative religions.

A mixture of liberalism and restrictivism. This is one of the reasons why the terms we use (liberal, conservative, etc) aren’t good ones. It’s both simpler and more complicated than how we use the words.

Politics issues
Political problems from decades

Education must be free, and be better at the same time

Health, Education, Emergency services, infrastructure, and defense must be nonprofit in nature. Engaged with by those who care deeply about each, and who are not motivated by the riches one might be able to get by corrupting each.

Presently, all of them are, given that health has been taken over by the drug industry which has not quarterly financial obligations to actually make anyone better.

Education is on the rocks, and there’s a crop of expensive and ineffective online (not that online is necessarily bad) universities screwing people over (including trump’s, btw.) Emergency services (see cops as one example) are in the midst of paramilitarism and increasing incidents of undue violence. Infrastructure is neglected and falling apart, but what places do have it are charging too much and are poisoning people with lead anyways.

Take a look at the castles out near Dulles airport someday. Most of those belong to military contractors who’ve learned how to make ‘a killing’ by feeding unnecessary wars. Where’s the incentive to mend any of these when there’s so much money to be made at the public’s expense, eh?

Pro-choice is a political view… and one often mischaracterized by its opponents. No one LIKES abortion, per se.but when and wherever the pro-choice crowd has its way, abortions GO DOWN, and whenever pro-lifers have control, abortions (including the dangerous and sometimes fatal back-alley types terrified people resort to) go up.

Why? Because the choice part of pro-choice refers more to the choice not to get pregnant until ready far more than the choice on what to do about it when hitting with an unwanted one. But it doesn’t take a long look at the politics on the issue to see that it’s heated and full of misinformation.

As you can tell, I’m a bit wound up, politically, and stray to the left a bit, though I’ve been accused of having a conservative side as well. Still, there are so many. And every side has some legitimate points. The problem really isn’t that people have different needs and different views on things, but that the process itself (politics) has been left uncleaned for decades now, and it’s a real mess.

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