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Prostitute explains how she got a female client

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A very beautiful young lady has been working as a prostitute for years. One time something strange happened that turned her over a new leaf.

It was a regular night and she had gone clubbing as usual. The lady explained that they usually go clubbing because that is exactly one way to secure s.ex clients.

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She was well dressed and sitting steadily at one end of the club. That evening and she had taken enough drinks which made her feel a little dizzy. The lady then decided to take a short nap.

“I did not sleep for long because the place was noisy and I was also in public.” “As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a handsome guy sitting very close to me”

According to the lady, she found the guy to be very cool, she added that the guy had a sweet voice. He asked to get in touch with him and they shared a few more drinks.

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She woke up the next morning only to realize she was in a room other than hers. “The house was so big and beautiful,” she said. “But what surprised me was to see a lady next to me on the same bed. She said she was quite unsure what happened that night but felt ashamed to ask.

She said she is still in contact with this mysterious rich lady but has kept her relationship with her confidential.

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