Reasons why SONSOL Project has been delayed

Reasons why SONSOL Project has been delayed

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has delayed the 2021 SONSOL Project.

Here are some reasons why SONSOL Project has been delayed.

Reasons for delay in 2021 SONSOL Project.

For about 3029 KNUST students who were shortlisted for the SONSOL Project:

1. The outfit was unable to interview all the list of shortlisted students on the said SONSOL interview date.

The panel had to postpone interview for students who had not yet been interviewed.

2. Too many students have proven eligible for the SONSOL project for now.

3. Some students have not yet showed up for SONSOL interview.

4. Conflict of SONSOL interview with the KNUST academic curriculum.

5. Proper planning for SONSOL handing of laptops event to meet COVID protocols.

These are some few reasons why the KNUST SONSOL Project has been delayed.

Although the University has not yet announced the release of list of qualified students for the SONSOL project, shortlisted students are advised to stay calm and continue to wait on it.

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