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Relationship Tips for High School dates


For High School students, you might think you know what you’re doing, but you really don’t, and neither does she. You’re both just making it up as you go along and trying to figure it all out.

Here are some relationship tips to solidify your High School date life

Relationship Tips for High School

1. Make her feel special

Often enough to make her feel special, not too often that you seem creepy.

2. Share in expenses

Discuss it together, before it’s time to do so. When in doubt, you go ahead and pay; she may respond with something like “next week I’ll cover it.”

3. You don’t always have to go out

There are dates, and there are times when you just hang out together and watch TV, no expenses involved. Sometimes that’s just as pleasant.

4. Don’t be scared to quit

Okay, here I’ll be a little controversial. You will be a better-rounded guy at 25 if you have dated multiple people, and had both long and short term relationships. It is natural to be kind of freaked out when your first serious relationship blows up, but it will or might especially if one or both of you are leaving town, almost certainly break it.

5. Don’t sweat it

People have married their high school sweetheart and are still together today. Even if your relationship is a good one, the transition from high school to college will strain it. Don’t sweat it.

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