Home News Rema to chop “10 Ghana girls” when he arrives for Afrochella ’21

Rema to chop “10 Ghana girls” when he arrives for Afrochella ’21

Rema to chop 10 Ghana girls

Rema has stated blatantly that he will chill with 10 Ghana girls as soon as he arrives in Ghana for his performance at the Afrochella 2021.

Rema is set to perform at Afrochella 2021 on December 30, at The Octagon.

Confirming his presence he sent a tweet which has got mixed reactions. A similar statement Jay Bahd made in his song about se’x to release stress.

“10 Ghana girls once I land tomorrow to ease my mind”

Meawhile Shatta Wale is still blasting Nigerians left, right and center. This tweet only adds to the shenanigan going on on social media.

Shatta Wale in response said using Ghanians in such a statement is a reflection of the disrespect going on. Although he did not state Rema’s name directly.

Ghanaian guys are now in fear for what might happen to their girlfriend should they be among the 10.

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