Home News Roskomnadzor reports ‘Google contravenes’

Roskomnadzor reports ‘Google contravenes’

Roskomnadzor reports 'Google contravenes'

Roskomnadzor reported that it “recorded 54 cases of YouTube applying restrictions on Russian channels.”

According to Roskomnadzor, Google has not complied with the requirement to unblock YouTube channels of Russian Media.

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“Once again, we urge Google to immediately stop any restrictions on the Youtube platform in relation to Russian media and resources, to ensure unhindered access to information for Russian users in accordance with current Russian law,” the agency said. “And we remind you of the technological impact measures provided for by law in relation to Internet platforms,” ​​Roskomnadzor emphasized.

Roskomnadzor has already asked that Google LLC stop distributing threats against Russians on the YouTube video hosting service. According to the government, YouTube users are broadcasting adverts calling for the Russian Federation and Belarus to stop their railway links. The RKN highlighted that such actions are “are of a terrorist nature and threaten the life and health”  of Russian nationals.

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