“Russian disinformation” VK called untrue data

Russian disinformation

“Russian disinformation” VK called untrue data

VK called untrue data on the promotion of advertising to combat “Russian disinformation” on the basis of the social network “VKontakte” commissioned by the British government.

“The information provided is not true. Promotion on our advertising platforms is subject to mandatory moderation. Only those ads that comply with the rules of VK and the legislation of the Russian Federation can be shown on VK resources and in the advertising network, ”the company’s press service told RBC.

Earlier as sighted by Yebekagh, the Telegraph newspaper reported that the Government Information Cell (GIC) of the United Kingdom was buying ads in Russian social networks to promote London’s position on the conflict in Ukraine.

The GIC, the publication said, instructed advertising agencies to “target the local population,” that is, place ads where “ordinary Russians” can see them. VKontakte was among such resources, the newspaper writes.

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