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Scott Menville Bio: Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts


Scott Menville is a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry, known primarily for his exceptional voice acting and acting prowess. Born on February 12, 1971, in Malibu, California, Menville has carved a remarkable niche for himself in the world of animated shows, movies, and live-action performances.


As of 2023, Scott Menville is 52 years old. With a career spanning several decades, he has demonstrated his enduring commitment to the world of entertainment.

Net Worth

Menville’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of several million dollars, a testament to his successful career and various projects.


Menville’s journey to success is underpinned by his education, which laid the foundation for his acting and voice acting skills. While details about his formal education might be limited, it’s clear that he honed his talents through dedication and training, ultimately leading to his achievements in the industry.


Details about Scott Menville’s personal relationships is private. He has generally kept his personal life out of the public eye, focusing more on his career and craft.


  • Voice Acting Marvel: Scott Menville’s most iconic role is perhaps his portrayal of Robin in the widely acclaimed animated series “Teen Titans.” His ability to infuse depth and emotion into animated characters through his voice has garnered him immense praise and a dedicated fan following.
  • Versatile Acting: Beyond voice acting, Menville has also ventured into live-action roles. He has appeared in TV shows and movies, showcasing his versatility as an actor beyond the recording booth.
  • Musical Pursuits: In addition to his acting talents, Menville is also musically inclined. He was a member of the band “Boy Hits Car,” where he contributed as a vocalist. This further highlights his creative range and passion for the arts.
  • Continued Collaboration: Menville has maintained a strong association with the “Teen Titans” franchise, participating in various adaptations and spin-offs. This enduring collaboration underscores his dedication to his craft and his connection to the characters he brings to life.
  • In-Demand Voice: Thanks to his remarkable voice acting abilities, Menville has been in-demand for numerous animated shows and video games. His voice has become recognizable to audiences across different projects.

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