Serwaa Amihere finally responds to leaked allegations

Serwaa Amihere after a long drag has finally responded to the allegations against her that she has been sleeping with ministers and husbands of her colleagues.

In a post sighted by, Serwaa Amihere seemingly denied the allegations against her from multiple anonymous sources.

According to Serwaa Amihere, the allegations are all lies and she is prepared to endure.

“I have endured years of abuse and malicious lies. All these years, I’ve learnt not to argue with people who try to destroy the reputation of others unjustly.” She said

Serwaa Amihere added saying, “…Far from distracting me, they have made me stronger.
To the many who have reached out to show concern, I’m most grateful.”

Well, it seems she is doing well for herself. She remains unperturbed by the allegations.

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