Home Entertainment Shatta Wale Boils Over London Reception

Shatta Wale Boils Over London Reception

Shatta Wale Boils Over London Reception

Shatta Wale has expressed his dissatisfaction with the reception he is receiving in London after he was booked for a show.


Apparently, Shatta Wale was booked for a show in London. Shatta claims the organizers of the show have not provided a proper accommodation plan for his team.

Shatta Wale is angry with the London organizers after they failed to properly accommodate the Shatta Movement team.

“You can put up a stage but can’t cater for “artiste team” ..are you ok ?
If Ibe mic and stage plenty deh Ghana and money deh here too fu’ckkk!!!”

In the post below, swipe left to see what Shatta Wale wrote.

He may boycott the show due to this.

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