So Is Frank Ntiamoah The “Papa No”?

So Is Frank Ntiamoah The "Papa No"?

So Is Frank Ntiamoah The “Papa No”?

The wedding date between Frank Ntiamoah and Tracey Boakye is set.

Now the question most netizens are asking is “Is Frank Ntiamoah the ‘Papa No’?”

Some time back, there was a banter between Tracey and Mzbel where the latter accused Mzbel of trying to snatch her man. The brawl was tagged with the popular word “Papa No” which was viewed to be an older public figure.

Some said it was Ex-President Mahama but it turns out this person is Frank Ntiamoah who is a reserved young man.

This man is an actor from Ghana named Frank Badu Ntiamoah who travels between Ghana and Germany. He is thought to have inspired Tracey’s choice to buy a home in Germany after the couple allegedly met abroad.

He is not the Papa No most people perceived. More interesting stories will come, however, let us focus on the upcoming wedding for now.

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