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The Garu Attack, Latest Updates

Garu Attack
Garu Attack

Over 50 people were hospitalized after some military personnel allegedly unleashed mayhem on the Garu residents over the weekend.

It is alleged that the military attack was in retaliation for an attack on some National Security operatives by a vigilante group in Garu.

Garu’s young residents are calling for the release of eight individuals detained following a military operation

  • Garu Residents Rally: Youth Advocating Release of 8 Arrested in Military Raid
  • Unrest in Garu: Youth Group Calls for Freedom of 8 Detained After Military Operation
  • Demands in Garu: Residents Urge Release of 8 Arrested Following Military Raid

The military is reported to have detained eight persons from Garu and Tempane after subjecting many of the youth to corporal punishments and assault over an alleged attack on their men on Sunday, October 29.

Garu District Chief Executive Osman Musa and Tempane DCE Issaka Anabide have stated that eight individuals were chosen from a group of 16 suspects following a screening process. They were subsequently transported out of the region for additional questioning by the military unit.

Kan-Dapaah summoned by Parliament in response to reported military assault in Garu

  • Parliament calls for Kan-Dapaah’s appearance regarding Garu military assault.
  • Alleged military assault sparks parliamentary summons for Kan-Dapaah.
  • Ghana’s Parliament demands answers from Kan-Dapaah on Garu incident.

“In response to calls from Members of Parliament for an investigation, Andrew Amoako Asiamah, the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, has directed the National Security Minister to brief legislators on the situation.

The briefing is scheduled for November 9, 2023. Asiamah stated, ‘What we are hearing is different from what the Minister has at his sleeves, so let us invite the Minister to appear before the house to brief us on issues related to happenings at Garu and Tempane.'”

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