The Ultimate Guide: 15 tips to have a better relationship

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Life is always fluctuating and just as the world outside us constantly changes, so can our relationships. Make positive changes to your relationship today with these free relationship tips and start living in a healthy and better relationship than what you’ve always imagined.

Here some relationship tips to help you build and maintain a healthy relationship:

  1. Place the needs of your partner ahead of your own. If he/she does the same for you, you both are golden.
  2. Stop trying to mind read. Like ask him/her is everything OK. If the relationship partner says yes, then you need to chill and believe that everything is totally fine! If you feel something really weird then ask. But, don’t keep asking over and over again.
  3. Establish a strong trust and NEVER BETRAY IT! This includes cheating. Those that seek only Power over the opposite sex will never achieve love & subsequent healthy relationship.
  4.  Give what you want to get. Our needs keep changing with time. If you want to be understood, try being more understanding. If you want to feel more love, try giving more. It’s a simple program that really works.
  5. Never bring pornography into your relationship unless your partner is into the same stuff. Pornography, IMHO, has ruined far more relationships than people realize.

    “Personally, I don’t look at it for this very reason. Years ago, when I first got married, my wife found my Penthouse magazine. The look of hurt and betrayal on her face made an indelible impression that I still remember to this day. I got rid of that magazine and NEVER DID THAT AGAIN. Pornography is corrosive and toxic to a healthy relationship.” – David Grason

    In effect, you are telling your partner that he/she is not good enough and that you need the porno to get your satisfaction.

  6. Every time you make a decision, include your partner. Discuss your decisions with your partner ahead of time. If you can’t do that, be prepared for tribulation.
  7. Always be very mindful of the struggles of your partner, even if those struggles are invisible to outsiders. Always support your partner through his/her struggles. Be the rock your partner needs to survive.
  8. Learn your partner’s dislikes and stay away from them. By opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your thoughts, you guide your relationship to a new level.
  9. Do not judge your relationship with your past relationships. Do not make your current partner suffer for the deeds of your ex-partner! It doesn’t mean that if your ex cheated on you, then the one you are with is also cheating on you.
  10. NEVER ever disparage your partner and this is ESPECIALLY in front of outsiders. To belittle your partner is tantamount to abuse and this includes gaslighting. There is nothing in the world that can cause you to lose the respect of all your friends and family faster than if you dress your partner down in public. DON’T EVER DO THAT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!
  11. Always nurture, caress, cuddle, and support your partner in every way. If you are from a family that never gave hugs, then get used to giving hugs. Give them freely.
  12. Never be jealous of your partner. If you have a jealous nature, do whatever you have to do to control it. This means getting therapy if needed. Trust your partner and when you see your partner talking to someone that you would otherwise feel could threaten your relationship, put a muzzle in your mouth and keep it shut! Trust your partner up until you actually catch your partner in the act. THEN, and only then, choose what you will do.
  13. Listen to your partner. I don’t mean to patronize your partner by pretending to listen. I mean REALLY LISTEN! Your partner is your world. If your partner bails out of the relationship, your world is going to turn upside down and it’s not going to be pleasant. It’s going to hurt a LOT!
  14. If you want a great relationship, be quick to forgive, be willing to listen, & be slow to jump to conclusions. Respecting AND Accepting each other as individuals. This means that you don’t try to twist, switch, or change the other AS PER YOUR NEEDS OR WISHES. You accept them with their flaws, rights, and wrongs. Making each other better without changing each other. This means that you actually encourage them to do and be a better version of themselves without actually pushing the change down their throat.
  15. Maintaining the romance and charm. You should never stop dating your partner even if you marry eventually. You should still have special date nights, surprises arranged, ‘I love you’ messages at least once a day, a big hug before stepping out the door for work, random post it’s with love messages on them, a red rose stem on the pillow, complimenting the cooking and appreciating the clean house. No matter who does this, the male or female, but it is very important to appreciate and respect and maintain the charm.

You stand a far better chance of building a healthy and a better relationship if you consider these free relationship tips. The groundwork has been laid for the couple to love, respect, and appreciate each other in a healthy, sharing environment, with few expectations, greater understanding, and a whole lot of ‘give and take’ between you two.

Precious Eshun

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