Tracey Boakye “will never marry at my age,” replies critics on marital status

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Tracey Boakye has revealed that she does not want to get married at her age.

According to her, marriage is not by force and she does not intend to get married anytime sooner. Tracey added that no one would ask her to get married if she were a sister

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She said during an uncut interview;

I’m still establishing myself. I will only get married when I’m done establishing myself

However, Netizens believe her response was just a negative reaction to a sudden breach of privacy of her marital status. Many critics have surrounded her social media pages with comments to condemn the fact that she gave birth before getting married.

Choco said; “Confused fellow😂😂😂the thing is she no get! So that’s definitely her excuse …do we look like kids to u. What girl at ur age would refuse marriage🤷🏼‍♀️ u no go get!! Have ur babies by different fathers and live ur life,dats also ur choice

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Tracey Boakye recently completed a 7-week tummy workout.

Tracey said during the interview that she has to wait because she wants to get some things done before she ventures into marriage.

See video below;

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