Home News UG Vandals descend on some 27 lecturers over Sabotage allegations

UG Vandals descend on some 27 lecturers over Sabotage allegations


A group of aggrieved students at the Commonwealth University of Ghana, the vandals have warned some 27 University lecturers about what they described as deliberate sabotage.

“Addressing the press today, the students expressed their revulsion at those twenty-seventy (27) lecturers, whom they claimed were complicit in an insensitive resistance against the construction of an annex for the hall.” Hypercitigh reported.

The estimated US$42m development is said to involve the construction of a fully furnished 4660-bed capacity consisting of 302 one-bed blocks, 552 two-bed blocks, 3,806 four-bed blocks, 32 two-bedroom lecture flats, 8,000 auditorium capacity and a shopping mall.

The enraged students, led by Sampson Tagbor have therefore threatened to deploy every available means to uphold their desire of seeing a new 4,000-bed capacity annex, which according to them will significantly address the perennial accommodation crisis on campus.

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