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The Kim-Kanye-Pete Controversy by Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah talks about the Kim-Kanye-Pete Controversy. What started as a regular celebrity scandal involving Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Pete Davidson has evolved into a bigger discussion surrounding the harassment many women face when trying to leave a relationship. VIDEO: The Kim-Kanye-Pete Controversy.

Why Herbie Hancock’s Rockit Jazz Song has the greatest Hip-Hop influence

After being engaged with Bill Laswell, an avant-garde/free jazz bassist, Herbie began experimenting with the synthesizer and turntable. He opted to draw influence from the electro-music that was prominent in the early 1980s because he wanted to stay within the world of funk but wanted a clearly postmodern feel (Herbie Hancock's Rockit). Future Shock was born as...

List of Most Viewed YouTube Videos

List of Most Viewed YouTube Videos

The most viewed YouTube videos happen to be dominated by music. Either Songs or Nursery rhymes. All the same, they are all songs. The world population is rounded up and estimated at 7.954 billion as of 2022. According to Babbel, out of the world's approximately 7.8 billion inhabitants, 1.35 billion speak English. Getting over 2 billion views for...

Girlfriend slaps Boyfriend for refusing her proposal after 6 years dating

A lady slaps boyfriend for refusing her marriage proposal. A short video of a couple was captured. The video shows how girlfriend slapped her boyfriend after he refused her proposal. Apparently the two have been dating for about 6-years. The guys has not made any attempt to tie the knot. The girlfriend took it upon herself to propose...

Kuami Eugene sacks his look alike

Kuami Eugene sacks his look alike at Rattray Park performance

Kuami Eugene sacked his look alike from the stage before he began the serious performance.- Kuami Eugene sacks his look alike on stage. Obviously, Kuami Eugene did not ask the boy to leave in a rude way. It was more of a friendly send-off. Only a few hours before the Afro-Highlife Streaming Party, Kuami met his look...

Kuami Eugene Shuts Down Kumasi with Performance at Rattray Park

Kuami Eugene gave an exquisite performance at the Afro-Highlife Streaming Party inside Rattray Park, Kumasi. The event was a one off show hosted by Lynx Entertainment on November 12, 2021. Prior to the Afro-Highlife Streaming Party, Kuami Eugene was spotted together with a group of people sharing some stationary at Kejetia. He later spoke on multiple radio...

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