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Who is Ali Qadhi? Hammas commander of October 7 attack

Who is Ali Qadhi?
Who is Ali Qadhi?

Ali Qadhi is the Hamas commander who was believed to be behind the October 7, 2023 attack. He was reportedly killed by the Israeli Defense Forces on Saturday. In north Gaza, people are scrambling to leave. There’s bombing en route, they say.

According to Ali Qadhi Biography, he is also known as “Allamah Qadi” and “Ayatollah Qazi”, was an Iranian alim and mystic. He was the son of Husseyn and was born in Tabriz, Iran.

A Scholar’s Lineage

Ali Qazi Tabatabai hailed from an illustrious lineage of scholars. His father, Sayyed Hosein Qazi, a distinguished pupil of the grand Mirza Shirazi, laid the foundation for his scholarly journey. Mirza Mohsen, his maternal grandfather, was a renowned jurist, adding to the richness of his family heritage.

In the realm of scholarship, Ali Qazi Tabatabai was both a devoted learner and a respected teacher. Throughout his life, he enjoyed close associations with prominent scholars, some of whom served as his mentors. These interactions enriched his educational journey and shaped his spiritual growth.

His students, including luminaries like Allameh Sayyed Muhammad Hossein Tabatabaei and Sayyed Hasan Masqati, are a testament to his exceptional teaching abilities.

A Mystic’s Path

In his quest for spiritual enlightenment, Ali Qazi Tabatabai pursued the mystical teachings of Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmed Karbala’i and Sheikh Mohammad Bahari. These mentors, in turn, had been disciples of Mirza Mulla Hossein Qulli Hamadani, tracing the mystical lineage back to Ayatollah Haj Sayyed Ali Shushtari.

Notable Facts about Ali Qazi Tabatabai

  • Islamic Studies: Ali Qazi Tabatabai embarked on his Islamic studies in his hometown, Tabriz, under the guidance of his father and other renowned scholars. In 1895, he continued his educational journey in Najaf, where he studied under influential figures like Muhammad Kazem Khorasani and Mirza Fathollah Shariati.
  • Authority (Ijtihad): Remarkably, Ali Qazi Tabatabai achieved the degree of Ijtihad, the highest level of authority in Islamic jurisprudence, at the young age of 27. His dedication was further demonstrated by his impressive feat of memorizing nearly 40,000 Arabic words.
  • Mystical Behavior: Ali Qazi Tabatabai was known for his enigmatic and mystical character. His presence was often described as ethereal, with instances of his sudden appearances and disappearances. This mystical aura added to his reputation as a spiritual guide.
  • Night Prayers: He emphasized the practice of night prayers and encouraged his students to engage in this spiritual discipline. Allameh Tabatabaei, one of his prominent pupils, recalled his advice that a commitment to night prayers was the key to success in both the worldly and spiritual realms.
  • Prolific Works: Ali Qazi Tabatabai’s literary legacy includes a partially completed tafsir (Quranic commentary), which extended up to verse 91 of Surah al-An’am. He also authored various notes and commentaries on spiritual and mystical subjects, such as an incomplete explanation of Samat Dua, corrections to the book of Ershad, and commentary on The Holy Quran. His writings provide valuable insights into the world of Islamic scholarship and mysticism.

Ali Qazi Tabatabai’s life and contributions continue to inspire scholars and spiritual seekers alike. His unwavering dedication to Islamic scholarship, mysticism, and the spiritual growth of his students has left an enduring mark on the history of Islamic thought. For a more comprehensive look at his life and work, please visit the dedicated biography page.

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