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Who is Lawrence Faucette? Second Recipient of Experimental Pig Heart Transplant + Cause of Death

Who is Lawrence Faucette?
Lawrence Faucette sits with wife, Ann, in the school's hospital in Baltimore, Md., in September 2023

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Lawrence Faucette, a 58-year-old patient who bravely embarked on a groundbreaking medical journey as the world’s second recipient of a genetically-modified pig heart transplant.

Mr. Faucette’s extraordinary story, filled with hope and determination, came to a poignant end almost six weeks after the pioneering procedure.

In this article, we delve into Mr. Faucette’s journey, the remarkable progress he made, and the eventual challenges that led to his passing.

Who is Lawrence Faucette? Mr. Faucette’s Transplant and Progress

Mr. Faucette, not just a patient but a scientist in his own right, actively engaged with the medical process. He read and interpreted his biopsy results, understanding the significance of his contribution to the field of xenotransplants. Just as with the first patient, David Bennett, Sr., an extensive analysis will be conducted to identify factors that can enhance the success of future transplants and educate fellow professionals in the field.

Mr. Faucette’s medical odyssey began when he arrived at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) on September 14, battling end-stage heart failure. His critical condition and pre-existing medical issues, including peripheral vascular disease, rendered him ineligible for a traditional human heart transplant. With his life hanging in the balance, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted emergency authorization for the groundbreaking surgery, offering a glimmer of hope for Mr. Faucette and his family.

The transplant, which took place on September 20, marked a historic moment in medical science. Following the surgery, Mr. Faucette demonstrated remarkable progress, participating in physical therapy and enjoying precious moments with his family. The transplanted pig heart functioned optimally, showing no signs of rejection during the initial month of recovery.

Cause of Death of Lawrence Faucette: Challenges and Heart Rejection

The journey was not without hurdles. In the days leading up to his passing, Mr. Faucette’s transplanted heart began to show the initial signs of rejection, mirroring the challenges encountered in traditional human organ transplants.

Despite the tireless efforts of the medical team, Mr. Faucette’s condition took a turn for the worse, ultimately leading to his passing on October 30. Although the process was impressive, Lawrence Faucette passed away after the unveiling heart rejection.


The passing of Lawrence Faucette marks a poignant chapter in the evolving world of xenotransplants. His journey, filled with determination and sacrifice, continues to inspire medical professionals and offers hope to those awaiting life-saving organ transplants. As the medical community mourns the loss of a remarkable patient, the legacy of courage and progress in xenotransplantation endures.

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