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Why I had an affair with my own father

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Source: Yebekagh

A young lady explains to Yebekagh why she had an affair with her own father.

Apparently this happened several years ago. The lady whos name has been withheld for personal reasons grew up with her mother. She stayed with her mother all throughout her basic school until she completed senior high school.

Things weren’t that easy as her mother was a petty trader. This lady was eager to further her education as she believed that will be the only way to break out of financial difficulties.

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She decided to sponsor her tertiary education on her own. How she would do that was a tough nut to crack because she only relied on ice cream “abele” she sold to her peers.

One thing she heard was that her father had left her mum and abandoned the child at an early age.

The Game Changer

This young lady hadn’t found life easy since. Things started getting even harder because she could not multitask, thus, making “abele” as well as keeping up with good grades.

She sought advice from a friend who looked very rich. Her friend advised her to satisfy older rich men and in turn, they will sponsor her. Things were so hard that she fell for it.

This new job/lifestyle began during her second year in tertiary. It went on for a year and a half and it was paying big time for her.

The Unexpected

One very day she went out to eat at a fancy restaurant and just before she left the place, she was approached by a handsome middle-aged man. They saw each other for a while and finally decide to settle.

The lady was now at the peak of her education and had met the man of her life whom she has been seeing for a while. The man decided, he was going to meet her parents.

The shocking thing that happened was that, as soon as the guy got to the lady’s house and saw her mum, he began to shake instantly. all hell broke loose and the situation was explained to the lady.

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