20+ Sites To Download Cracked Games Free

Download Cracked Games

20+ Sites To Download Cracked Games Free

While fantastic video games are released regularly, new games are expensive. Nobody can afford to buy every new release, so some gamers resort to piracy to play for free.

Illegally downloading games is prohibited. This guide was written solely for illustrative purposes, and it is not our intention to encourage piracy. As a result, Zonearena accepts no responsibility for how you use the resources it is about to inform you about.

Best Sites To Download Cracked Games

These free cracked games download sites provide a detailed description of the game, its rating, images, trailer videos, DLCs, and so on. Some of these sites also create their own games that you will enjoy downloading, installing, and playing on your PC.

1. Ocean of Games

The most popular site for downloading free PC games is Ocean of Games. Ocean of Games, despite being the most popular, is also the most contentious website, providing free PC Games download links to even the most recent games for which they clearly do not own the copyright. But, in any case, the site is updated frequently.

2. OVA Games

The site is simple to navigate, and you can use the search box to quickly find the game you’re looking for. You’ll always be able to find the desired PC game that you want to download for free. If the game is not available, you can request it using the special button provided by this free PC games download website. Visit OVA Games website.

3. Hienzo

You can download hundreds of the most well-liked PC games for free at Hienzo, and the best part is that when you download games from the Hienzo website, you can be sure that you’ll get the full version. The website for Hienzo also offers download instructions, including screenshots and detailed instructions.

This website also offers PlayStation games, PSP games, and other emulator games if you are tired of playing PC games and want to try something new.

4. PC Games Download

You can use the search box in the top-right corner of PC Games Download or browse the alphabetical list of games to find the one you want. Every PC game listed here has a direct download link to the game along with 4–5 different mirrors, ensuring that you won’t run into any problems downloading games.

5. Cracked Game

We can download more than just games from this website. But we can also get free software that has been cracked. In terms of PC appearance, this website is quite professional; in contrast to other free offline and online game download websites, it has a more up-to-date catalog. Simply put, opening this website still causes discomfort due to pop-up advertisements.

6. Giga Purbalingga

This website is a unique creation of the city of Purbalinga, as the name suggests. When it comes to downloading software or games for PCs or consoles, whether offline or online, this website is one of Indonesia’s most renowned resources.

 offers thousands of software and games for download, complete with cracks and versions from year to year, including the most recent. Giga Purbalinga also provides tutorials ranging from downloading games to operating software.

7. IGG Games

This website for downloading free PC games also offers all the necessary information and descriptions, video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions to help you run any game you like on your computer.

8. FitGirl

FitGirl is a website where users can download compressed and pirated games for nothing. There are many games available on this website, including some of your favorites and the most played ones. It has a lot of compressed Codex and CPY games.

 9. BlackBox Repacks

For fans, they repack PC games. They don’t break any copyright laws or crack any codes. They are simply regular people, just like us, who enjoy playing games and creating repacks so that users with low BW and speed can also appreciate the full game at a compact size. Visit Now — http://www.blackboxrepack.com/

10. ApunKaGames

You should try to visit this website because ApunkaGames offers a large selection of free full-version PC games and complete RIPs for download. In addition to PC games, there are next-generation games. We can easily find games that are light enough for our computers or laptops on ApunkaGames, which sets it apart from other offline or online game download websites.

11. Stream Unlocked

A website called Steam Unlocked offers free downloads of cracked and illegally obtained video games from Steam. Here, you can download a variety of games from genres like shooters, action, racing, simulators, and even virtual reality games.

12. Games PC ISO

GamesPCISO offers a large selection of PC games for download, as well as PS4, PS3, PS2, PSP, PSVita, Wii, XBOX, and Switch games that can be played on an emulator or on your console.


SKIDROW CODEX is a website where users can download free cracked and pirated games. They are recognized for publishing versions of games that make use of Steam licensing.

14. Origin Game

Origin Game is the next website on the list for free and quick full-version PC game downloads whether they are done online or offline. Today’s newest online games are hosted by Origin Games.

On this website, a lot of expensive games are freely downloadable. Consequently, this website is a must-visit if you want classic and expensive games. Even movies are available for free download from this website.

15. Tasik Game

Hundreds of playable games, including light PC games and PS1 games with download instructions, are available on the Tasik Game website itself.

16. Game Top

Even though those popular PC games might not be available for download on Game Top, this website has a ton of small and intriguing PC games to offer. You can browse and download a wide variety of Hidden Objects, Racing, Action, Sim & Farm, Puzzle, Board, Cards, and Arcade games.

Before downloading a game, read its description, look at its popularity, and consider the user reviews.

17. Fast Download Games

Fast Download Games is a website that offers a ton of fantastic games for free download. These games are very challenging. So, contrary to what you might believe, they are not simple to play. The website has games for all age groups, from young children to adults.

18. Free PC Gamers

The website offers a large selection of games for download or online play. It offers information on games that are simply made available for free download or have somehow been leaked. To download free PC games, free MMO games, free browser games, and more, go to this website.

19. All Games A to Z

All Games A to Z is a long-running website that offers free game downloads. It offers free downloads of full version PC games for the PC, MAC, and Linux operating systems, as well as downloads of Xbox, PS, and other consoles.

20. 1337x Games Torrent

If you use torrents, 1337x is the best torrent site to download all of the best PC games for free. Many popular games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Nintendo, and other devices are uploaded by 1337x’s many uploaders.

21. Reddit Free Games

There are many Reddit subreddits where users share links to many popular games for free download. The best subreddit among them is /r/freegames, where you can find download links for some uncommon games.

22. Best Old Games

Have you ever played some amazing PC games as a child that you still miss, such as MS-DOS games or 8-bit games? Even if you have lost all traces of those games, this website has saved them all. Best Old Games is an old games directory that gives you access to very old PC games in the categories of Action, Adventure, Arcade Puzzle, RPG, Racing, Strategy, Simulation, and Sports games.


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