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DKB did not give me any money – Akuapem Poloo laments

Akuapem Poloo has cleared the air on accusations that she is ungrateful.

According to her this is something she laments over because it is tarnishing her image.

“Since I came back from jail, people have been calling me from UK and US telling me that they have giving money to someone to give it to me and then I didn’t say thank you so I am ungrateful…”

“I have not received money from anyone aside Those Called Celebs.” She added.

Akuapem Poloo said one woman named Maa Alice called her that she gave money, about GH₵ 4000 to DKB and was angry Poloo did not call to thank her.

Reacting to the criticism, she said in the video, “DKB did not give me any money.”

The issue is getting confusing because most Ghanaians know DKB and Akuapem Poloo to be friends.

Watch the video as Akuapem Poloo laments over the DKB money issue.
DKB refuses to give Akuapem Poloo her money from UK.


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