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Facts about Michael Marín Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s Son

Michael Marín Rivera

Michael Marín Rivera is a reality TV celebrity and the eldest son of Jenni Rivera, the famed American singer. He also became well-known as a result of his presence on the hit family reality show The Riveras.


Real Facts about Michael Rivera

Michael Marin Rivera was born Trinidad Angelo Marin Rivera in Long Beach, California, on September 11, 1991. Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin were his parents when he was born. When he was one year old, his parents divorced.

Chiquis (1985), Jacqueline (1989), Jenicka (1997), and Juan Angel (1997) are Michael’s four siblings (2001). Jenicka and Juan Angel were born as a result of his mother’s second marriage to Juan Lopez.

Michael Rivera is an artist, but until 2017, he was a regular on his family’s reality series. He works as a muralist under the name “Michelangelo.

Michael Marin Rivera is now without a significant other. He did, however, have a girlfriend with whom he had a daughter. Luna Amira Marin Ibarra, his daughter, was born on August 28, 2012, just a few months before his mother died. She is now 8 years old. Luna Amira Marin Fan Club is his daughter’s fan club.

Michael’s law charges

Prior to his mother’s death, Michael had a run-in with the law. Surprisingly, he was charged with molestation in 2010 and pleaded guilty to sex with a child in exchange for the sexual abuse charges being dismissed (he was 19 and the girl was 16). But it appears that he’s put everything behind him now.

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