G.O.G Album: A Dive Into Shatta Wale’s ‘Most Anticipated’ Album

Gift of God album

G.O.G Album: A Dive Into Shatta Wale’s ‘Most Anticipated’ Album

Shatta Wale’s Gift Of God Album (G.O.G Album) has become the most anticipated music album of Shatta so far.

In 2021, Shatta Wale announced that he will be dropping a new album. Apparently, Shatta’s assurances have been like a roller-coaster mix of happenings decorated with postponements and all.

There is so much talk on this Album. Shatta Wale has not yet given a release date for the Gift Of God Album (G.O.G). He has contributed to heightening the anticipation surrounding the unreleased album.

He customized his dodge car using the same colors transcribed to the Gift of God Album and called himself the first dancehall artiste in the whole of Africa to have customized his car.

Shatta Wale dodge
Shatta Wale’s customized car.

G.O.G Meaning

The initials G.O.G in the GOG Album stand for “Gift of God” in English. Despite Shatta’s “controversial” nature, he has made it clear how he is inclined toward the spiritual aspect of his Christian life.

G.O.G Chaff

A colleague in the entertainment industry got fed up and sent out an obliterating message claiming Shatta Wale’s songs are chaff.

Shatta Wale as expected took on a whole show about the criticisms and named the album “GOG chaff”. He later announced a release date for a session of the GOD Album titled GOG Chaff.

The famous dancehall performer released a four-track project titled ‘G.O.G Chaff’ on Friday, November 19, 2021. “L pray”, “Cool down”, “Love is a Medicine”, and “Maya” were among the songs on the G.O.G Chaff project. Unfortunately, according to Shatta Wale, these tracks will not be included on the G.OG album’s song list. The African dancehall king named this session of the album the “GOG CHAFF” which was released on Friday 15th October 2021.

G.O.G Tracklist

Full Tracklist: Shatta Wale Gift Of God (GOG) Album. Shatta Wale Finally Unveils Tracklist For Gift Of God (G.O.G) Album. 1Don officially released the track list to his highly anticipated studio album christened “Gift Of God” (GOG). The album comprises well-mastered tracks with vocal assistance from; Naira Marley and a few other amazing artists. Production credits to Beatz Vampire. The entire album list is provided here.

According to Shatta Wale, the Ghanaian music industry faces numerous issues and controversies that require immediate resolution; unfortunately, all certain fans, music executives, and media professionals do is pit one singer against another. This, he feels, is impeding the music industry’s progress.

Being an artist with the highest no. of songs in 2022, its very interesting how he’s going to pull up with an album one that he has name Gift of God Album.

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