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KUHIS celebrates renowned Dr. Pastor Patrick Owusu


Kumasi High School (KUHIS) extends its warmest and most sincere birthday wishes to the esteemed Dr. Pastor Patrick Owusu.

A true icon of dedication and service, Dr. Owusu has dedicated countless years to KUHIS, leaving an indelible mark on the school’s community. On this special day, the school, staff, and students come together to express their gratitude and appreciation for his unwavering commitment.

KUHIS celebrates renowned Dr. Pastor Patrick Owusu.

Dr. Pastor Patrick Owusu’s association with KUHIS has been nothing short of remarkable. His steadfast commitment to the institution has played a pivotal role in its growth and development. Over the years, Dr. Owusu has not only shared his expertise but has also served as a mentor and a guiding light for both staff and students.

As the KUHIS community comes together to celebrate Dr. Owusu’s birthday, the sentiment expressed is one of profound gratitude. The words “Happy Birthday to you, Sir” echo not only the joy of the occasion but also the immense respect and affection the school holds for him.

KUHIS recognizes that Dr. Owusu’s dedication has contributed significantly to the school’s achievements and the success of its students. His unwavering support and guidance have undoubtedly made a lasting impact.

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