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PC celebrates Dr Michael Obeng, U.S based Plastic Surgeon

PC celebrates Dr Michael Obeng, U.S based Plastic Surgeon
Dr Michael Obeng, U.S based Plastic Surgeon and Gorilla Glue girl

Prempeh College celebrates Snr Dr Michael Obeng for his ingenuity in the health sector.

He is known recently, for creating a solvent to help remove the hair of Tessica Browns’

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Who is Dr Michael Obeng?

Dr Obeng is a Harvard trained medical doctor. He is one of the top U.S plastic surgeons and the director of MiKO Surgery Centre in Beverly Hills.

A devastating incident caught the attention of netizens around the world most especially in the U.S and in Ghana.

Apparently a young socialite was internet-famous for getting gorilla glue stuck in her hair but was later helped by PC alumni and a plastic surgeon, Dr Michael Obeng.

How did Dr Michael Obeng help Tessica Browns’ the Gorilla glue girl

Ghanaian-born Dr Obeng invented a solvent using basic chemistry.

According to Dr Obeng, he found a suitable way and combined medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and a dash of acetone in adequate proportions for the process.

Dr. Michael Obeng’s service to Tessica cost $12,500 however, he performed the procedure for free. It took him about 4 hours to finish it all up.

After the procedure, the Gorilla glue girl, Tessica was so happy that she burst into tears.

PC celebrates Dr Michael Obeng

Until recently, Yebekagh found out that Dr Michael Obeng is an alumni of Prempeh College. As soon as the old students association caught word of it, he was applauded for his ingenuity: PC celebrates Dr Michael Obeng.

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