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Rev Obofour shows Agradaa power, Agradaa arrested and two TV stations shutdown

The battle line has indeed been drawn after Rev Obofour replied Agradaa on her comments about “his wife Queen Ciara” originally named Ciara Antwi Bofowaa.

Obofour shows Agradaa power as it is believed that the prophetic intervention of the popular pastor Rev Obofour has led to the arrest of self acclaimed unbreakable Nana Agradaa.

Rev Obofour told Agradaa he was going to fight against her. The only way we know Obofour could fiight a spiritualist is by his prophetic gifts.
Rev Obofour shows Agradaa power

Nana Agradaa was arrested and two TV stations shutdown.

Although fingers are pointing to Rev Obofour, the law states that Agradaa was arrested as part of efforts by local security agencies in Ghana to eradicate fake activities of spiritualists.

A report by TheGhanaReport says that the two stations were raided earlier today for operating without a license with its authorization being revoked by the National Communications Authority in March 2020.


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