Tertiary Fees for 2021 Academic Year to be Suspended?

Tertiary Fees for 2021 Academic Year to be Suspended?

The Bawku Central MP, Mahama Ayariga believes that suspending 2021 tuition fees for students in public tertiary institutions is possible.

According to Ayariga, this project is feasible but it only needs the go ahead of the president. He suggested that even if it is not possible, at least a cut will go a long way to aid families and students.

“Even if we dont take out everything and are able to reduce the bill by 50 percent or 60 percent, families will be grateful,” the MP said.

He tried to state some related payments made by the government that could also translte into the payment of the tertiary fees for 2021 academic year.

“When you have a lecturer who is already being paid by the state, his salary and other basic expenditures are being paid by the state, why would the same lecturer be charging you?”

Of course his argument might be a little one sided, that is against the lecturers, however he made a point.

Pay for the lectures to tutor and pay for the students to be tutored. The motion is on review and the parliament is yet to decide.

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