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5 elements of hip hop

5 elements of hip hop

Emceeing, Deejaying, Graffiti, B-Boy Break Dancing, and Beatboxing are the five aspects of Hip-Hop. Hip-hop culture is made up of these five elements.


Microphone Controllers (MCs) or Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) are those that run a party by rapping, which is speaking poetry over music. MCs employ a variety of similes, metaphors, and rhyme schemes to match beats in melodic patterns and cadences known as flows, while utilizing their voice to match beats in melodic patterns and cadences. MCs are also renowned for freestyle rapping, which entails rapping lyrics that have not been composed or practiced in advance. Battles are verbal contests or disagreements in which MCs compete against one another.


At parties and other gatherings, DJs, or Disc Jockeys, spin records on turntables. DJs now use an application called Sorato to play music from computers. DJs, on the other hand, played records from turntables from the beginning of Hip Hop until the early 2000s, while keeping the crowd amused by scratching records and delivering shoutouts on the microphone. Since then, technology has advanced to the point that DJs can now store all of their music on computers and external hard drives rather than transporting hundreds of records in crates.


Graffiti is an art style in which creative graphics are spray-painted on objects such as walls and trains. Walls and trains aren’t the only venues where artists show their work to attract attention; here are just a few examples. Graffiti may be created with a variety of materials other than spray paint, such as markers, pens, or pencils, however, spray paint is the most commonly used by artists.

Break Dancing

Breakdancing, often known as B-Boying, is a type of dance that involves rotating your head, back, and arms while also popping locking. Break dancing has grown immensely popular in American mainstream culture, with films and television series like Breaking, Beat Street, and America’s Best Dance Group including it.


Beatboxing is a unique method of creating rhythms without the need for instruments. Beatboxers generate noises that sound exactly like beats and instrumentals using just their lips and hands. Doug E. Fresh is the most well-known beatboxer, with a classic single with Slick Rick called “The Show” on which he beatboxed.

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