Home Entertainment Acting Helps Me Win More Souls – Majid Michel

Acting Helps Me Win More Souls – Majid Michel

Acting Helps Me Win More Souls - Majid Michel
Majid Michel

Majid Michel says that his acting career helps him to win more souls for christ.


According to the evangelist, his fame which came as a result of acting in multiple films makes evangelism easy for him.

In an interview on Adom News monitored by Yebekagh.com, Majid Michel said that becoming famous and successful through his acting career naturally makes him a role model to the youth.

He explained that it is an advantage for him because, gathering people to preach the gospel to becomes easy.

‘l am the model to most of the youth and the young ones growing up because they look up to me. So when I put them together and tell them certain things, they receive them in good faith. Usually, when you look up to somebody who is successful and is in the area of your gifting, you listen to them because your instinct is to be successful,” Majid shared.

Earlier in 2016, was when Majid’s transition to become a preacher begun. He has said in multiple interviews that he dropped habits of drinking and womanizing to embrace his newly found faith.

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