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Kumasi High School School Hold Highest Entertainment Figures in Ashanti Region


A group of boys have broken the internet. They are known by the name Asakaa.

A few months ago, they released one of their many songs dubbed “Akatafoc”. Soon after the release, everyone was going crazy about the song.

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A new genre of music was introduced in Ghana specifically in Kumasi. A new movement was also created, Kumerica movement.

Where did Asakaa Boys attend SHS?

Now the question on many peoples minds are which Senior High school did they complete?

The Asakaa Boys are from Kumasi High School.

Watch this video to get a full description of their lifestyle in SHS.

Asakaa Boys

Asakaa Boys completed Kumasi High School. Let us look more into how they lived way back in KUHIS.

1. Reggie


Back in in school, Reggie was known to be a rather calm and a reservationist. He studied General Arts at Kumasi High School. The crew moved together mostly as normal friends would do. Somewhere after first year Reggie discovered his talent in music and decided to take it to a professional level.

Although he used to skip a few classes back in school to record songs, he made sure not to sour his grades. If there’s any place you want to ring Reggie, it’s definitely “DUASEC” under a tree located at the trade fair. Reggie completed Kumasi High School in 2017.

2. Trigger


Trigger lived both the academia and social life. He was an easy to go with person back in school. Social Media and fashion was quite his thing.

Each term, Trigger was found in the top 5 students after exams as an arts student. Right after class he joins his boys at DUASEC in Kumasi High School to eat and chat about just anything. Trigger completed Kumasi High School in 2017.

3. Kawabanga


This guy was a very famous personality back in Senior High School. He was known by the name Patrick Cpart.

He was and still is a party figure. The “Akatafoc” hitmaker was socially famous across the entire Ashanti Region Schools. Kawabanga was also an Arts student. Due to his popularity, you hardly find him on school grounds. Kawabanga completed Kumasi High School in the year 2016.



Skyface, singer of M.O.B also attended Kumasi High School. unlike Kawabanga, Skyface completed Kumasi High School in 2017 together with Reggie and Trigger.

Skyface was loved by most ladies in girls’ schools due to his looks.

There are a lot more personalities who completed Kumasi High School and are doing equally good in the entertainment industry.

Yebekagh.com will keep you informed.

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