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Asakaa Proves Internet Wrong With Delay Interview

Delay interview with Asakaa

The Asakaa boys have dominated the news again after an upcoming interview with Delay.

Delay hosts Jay Bahd, Kwaku DMC, O’kenneth and City Boy Boys on the Delay Show which will air this Easter Sunday, April 17.

Watch the video here “Delay Hosts Asakaa Boys On The Delay Show“.

The internet and netizens claimed Asakaa boys never agreed to be on interviews. However, this first mega interview proves critics wrong.

Jay Bay had granted a short interview with Yebekagh and a few media houses aside Delay interview with Asakaa.

Jay Bahd interview with Yebekagh.

Jay Bahd said himself that the boys wanted to take things slow. He stated on a Twitter space that they wouldnt want to be jumping around when they have a lot of projects to complete.

It was a game of heightening their career with their music and then going all out on interviews afterward.

Delay interview with Asakaa is all there is this year 2022.

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