Ejura Camp Prison: 7 things to know about the Pentecost prison

Ejura Camp Prison (Pentecost Prison)

Ejura Camp Prison: 7 things to know about the Pentecost prison

A very popular prison to have been constructed in 2021 has got Ghanaians talking. The Ejura Camp Prison popularly know as the Pentecost prison is popular due to certain outstanding reasons.

Below are a few thingsyou must know about the Ejura Camp Prison (Pentecost Prison).

7 things to know about the Pentecost prison

1. It was constructed by the Church of Pentecost

The Church of Pentecost Ghana constructed this prison due to an agenda they had some few years ago. Apostle Eric Nyamekye, said the construction of the facility was inspired by the “Possessing the Nations” agenda of the church.

2. It cost GH₵3,297,139.81

The total cost involved in the construction and completion of the Pentecost prison is GH₵3,297,139.81 estimated at $571,983.53

3. It can accommodate 300 inmates

The prison prison has a three-dormitory block with a capacity to accommodate 300 prison inmates while making them feel comfortable.

4. The Pentecost prison has a classroom

One other interesting facility is a classroom at the Pentecost prison for education.

5. It has a football pitch and swimming pool

A rather visible football pitch is situated at the center of the prison. This football pitch and swimming pool at the Ejura Camp Prison will keep the prison inmates busy as well as, involving them in sports activities.

Football pitch
Football pitch

6. It has a baptistry

Obviously, the church cannot construct a prison without including a place of worship for the prison inmates. Ejura Camp Prison has a baptistry to serve as worship center for prisoners.


7. The beds for inmates are bunk beds

The beds available at the three-dormitory block are 2in1 bunk beds all made from metals.

ejura camp prison beds
Bunk prison beds

Other facilities at the Ejura Camp Prison include modern washrooms, mechanized borehole, offices, infirmary, workshops, and other auxiliary facilities. Check here to see more pictures of the Pentecost Prison.

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