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How Anti aging Pillow works

Anti aging Pillow
Anti aging Pillow

For your face, it’s preferable to get a silk pillow or pillowcase. But how does it function? Here is how Anti aging pillow works.

It’s all about silk’s structure! Cotton, or even worse, some synthetic textiles, absorb the natural moisture and oils in our skin, whereas this fabric does not.

Cotton, on the other hand, is extremely absorbent, and it actually removes the cream you apply before bedtime as well as your natural oils off your skin. In this regard, silk is far less active.

Silk not only does not take anything away, but it actually “adds”! Because silk fiber is organic, it contains amino acids (you’ve probably heard of “silk protein”). These amino acids interact with keratin when silk fiber comes into touch with the skin, promoting tissue regeneration while sleeping (for this reason silk pillows are often called anti age underwear).

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