Medikal exposed for flexing with empty Louis Vuitton bags

Medikal exposed for empty Luis Vuitton bags, fake shopping

Medikal exposed for flexing with empty Louis Vuitton bags

Watch this hilarious video of Medikal’s supposed expensive shopping. Medikal is exposed for showing off empty Louis Vuitton bags.

In a new photograph shared by Medikal, the Ghanaian rapper parades with Louis Vuitton sacks of which seems, by all accounts, to be a Haul shopping in New York.

A basic investigation of the photograph uncovered something odd and improbable.

In the photograph, Medikal is seen holding pull shopping packs implied for costly Louis Vuitton things yet those sacks are unfilled. Approach to go Medikal. Who holds void yet costly shopping packs and offers them on the web?

Let us know thoughts in the comment below. Do you think those bags are really empty?

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